Moving: Local

2 Men at $100 per hour +GST
3 Men at $130 per hour + GST

Moving: Interstate

Weekly runs to Sydney and have room to take individual items or a houseful of furniture. We do drop-offs and pick-ups throughout Northern NSW, Gary does this run himself with a good off-sider. The cost and time varies here and charged by the load and more than often is calculated at a backload price.

Call Gary on  0411  111  755  to discuss your location and move.

This includes a BIG 65 (cubic) metre truck (fits a large 5 bedroom house). Trailer fits a 3 bedroom house at 43 cubic metres.

With full Transit insurance at no cost to you!

(Coverage; $150,000 per load).

Preferred method of payment: cash – credit card (incurs gst)

EFT is available (incurs gst) through prior arrangements.

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Tips to have your moving event – A Great Move

1. Be sure to book as early as possible to secure your exact timeframe on the day, this could be especially good for settlements which usually happens at specific times. In my experience around 2:30 pm.
2. Make a checklist of all the things that need to be done to finalize the premises your leaving and to the premises arriving at, this list in invaluable as we can so often forget things at this crazy time.
3. Order boxes and packing tape, marker and paper, we have boxes that can be delivered or collected.
4. Have a clean out. Get rid of all unnecessary unwanted items and furniture, this is an ideal time to have a garage sale or a drop off to your local thrift shop. With unwanted furniture or heavier items, we can offer to take it off your hands and this is passed on to other needy families that I often come in contact with.
5. When packing, we find it is most efficient if you pack a room at a time, that way everything is in its place. If time is of the essence then this is the most ideal way to save time and stress. It’s a task and a task done in order makes for light work.
6. When packing any box make sure bottom is securely taped, then fill using heavy on the bottom to light on the top. Also make sure you fill the box so it is packed to the top. If it is kitchen fill half heavy and half plastics (lighter). This protacts your belongings, being overweight and boxes breaking.
7. Stack tea chest 2 high and book/wine boxes 3 high, this save your time and efficient for removal with trolleys.
8. Do not stack in hallways and walkways, this hinders workers and can prevent any unnecessary damage to your belongings.
9. Pack even fiddly awkward stuff like lamps and shades with linen and cushions to support them. Remove the shade in this case and place trow cushions around to prevent damage. Clearly mark the box.
10. Wrap and mark each box clearly for the boys to place them in allocated rooms. Write on the tape as sometimes secondhand boxes have diferent markings on them and can cause confusion. We do offer a buy back service.
11. When dismantling furniture have some snap lock bags ready, place the nuts, screw, and brackets in them and tape them to the item of furniture, this avoid missing pieces and parts.
12. Power cords taped to electronic equipment or placed with them in boxes will avoid confusing searching.
13. Keep a box or basket aside for last minute things and kettle, tea or coffee sweetener and milk, teaspoon and cups and water for easy access, there is nothing like rummaging around boxes looking for these items, to just have a cupper while unpacking.